They gathered, at last

“Oh, Christ,” Turner said. “Another fucking riot.”

“Again?” Bass responded.

“Idiots everywhere,” Turner said. “Damn it all to hell…”

Bass pulled himself upright, sloshing his precious Macallan. “Hand me my Bible. I’ll waive it at them. Works every time.”

Turner pulled himself upright and reached for the Bible across from his seat. The President always kept one handy, just for instances like this. He’d never seen him read it, just wave it around and mutter a few passages.

The President never read the passages correctly, but no one seemed to notice. Or care.

Beyond the windshield was a street full of people. Funny, Turner thought. They didn’t look angry. They weren’t waving signs. There was no chanting or raising clenched fists in the air to demonstrate power.  Where was the rage? Where were the hotheads? The anarchists? The socialists? The communists?

Where was the threat to the American Way of Life?

Why were the all wearing red shirts?

Turner looked out the passenger window and saw the President’s entourage was prepared for violence. The motorcade was trailed by what Turner jokingly referred to as “The Pilot Fish defending the Beast.” These were the fish that depended on the President to continue feeding the military and security budgets to keep them alive as they defended the President—and the system—from parasites like this.

The people were the parasites.

He could see the squad cars. The decoy Limos. The State Troopers on motorcycles. Secret Service in various non-descriptive and obviously government owned black sedans. Hazmat vehicles, the White House Comms vehicle, followed by body guards dressed like Marines.

Hundreds of tiny drones and counter drones flew above the Beast and on all sides of the convoy, equipped with sensors and sights to make sure the Motorcade was never taken by surprise.

Funny again, Turner thought, those drones aren’t flying in the correct formation. Hasn’t anyone noticed?

Among the decoys was the Army Colonel with the Football—the briefcase containing the nuclear launch codes—should the worst happen.

Turner prayed the worst would never happen. But he didn’t believe in God, so he often wondered to whom it was he prayed.

He looked past the motorcade into the crowd, looking for a sign. A flag. Anything. Give me a clue, he thought. What lies do I have to tell you idiots in order to get you to disperse peacefully?

He saw people of all races, creeds and nationalities. A huge crowd. A sea of people. Thousands, hundreds of thousands? He couldn’t tell. Young, old, male, female. Every color, every race. But what did they want? What was their message?

Turner looked. The crowds and the anticipation of a riot increased the tension inside the Beast. He turned his head to hand Bass the Bible, and he finally saw what he’d been looking for.

Outside, in the distance, a young woman, beautiful, even from this far, waving a sign. Long blonde hair, a shirt cut at the waist showing an hourglass figure with breasts that caused the shirt to hike even higher. Turner squinted. The sign read: “NANITES UNITE.”

What the fuck does that mean, he thought, suppressing a chuckle.

Turner was about to find out.

More later. 

43 thoughts on “Not the usual riot.

  1. Great chapter, George.

    I just can’t wait to see where Akira sticks all those drones.

    As I imagine that’s her that’s causing the drones around Bass’ Beast vehicle to not fly in proper formation.

    In my imagination, I can picture where Akira sticks all those drones.

    And Bass’ backside bodily orifice wins 1st place for the greatest human impersonation of the Grand Canyon in all recorded history.

    The beautiful woman with long blonde hair and the breasts that cause her shirt to hike even higher (I wonder where you got that inspiration? I imagine some sex crazed fiend on Facebook has been posting photos that take your breath away) will definitely be getting the NANITES to Unite (in the good sense).

    On another note, I imagine the ugly woman with glasses, a scarfed head and her ugly mouth wide open screaming (as ugly women are invariably known to do at all times, that’s why they’re generally the leaders at feminist rallies and demonstrations) 2nd in the front left of the picture behind the beautiful looking blonde (with her mouth closed and looking genuinely contemplative and thoughtful) 1st in front, that ugly looking woman would find herself being beheaded by Pan Goatee if he was in the crowd.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In fact, I do have a sex crazed friend on FB posting photos that take my breath away…and actual fire up my juices so I can go do my thing…whatever that is…with a positive attitude. Yeah, the drones are being controlled by Akira…but even Bass’s ass isn’t big enough to handle what she’s going to do with them…keen observation, my friend! Thanks for popping in!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey mascercot, thank you very much. I’m trying to move this forward…you’re encouragement… and jokes…help a lot! I believe I “know” my characters…now I gotta start puttin’ the “let’s take over the world” plot together while simultaneously getting Akira and Lasseter off the planet, away from these “parasites…”LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Absolutely enjoyed this chapter Bro. You continue to deliver the wit along with tension and action. I was standing in front of the girl with the sign. I have no idea how Turner saw through me. The bible scene was great humor with a twist of truth in it. Finally, the little foreshadowing of Turner’s next experience was deeply satisfying for those of us that have followed along and know what is possible with Paul and Akira. The gauntlet is down and my face is smarting from the mighty literary challenge that this chapter brings. Now I have to figure out how to come up with a chapter someone will read. Great job George. Well worth waiting for.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ah, along comes Hype…prodding and pricking at my long dormant competitive-memory muscle–yelling en garde and challenging me to duel in this challenging literary combat! I accept your duel…and await your next breathtaking chapter which will tow me to the promised land of literary endeavors! Glad you liked this installment, Hype…and I will strain to bring you more surprises, twists, turns and excitement as we plough into 2021…with a new regime at the helm in the real world!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think our duel has definitely upped my game. I no longer feel throwing a jumble of controversial words and thoughts is sufficient to be a story. All my endeavors were the stumbling of a C student in an advanced class of A gamers. You’ve helped me see the light in the professor’s office in the wee hours. I guess if the professional can put in the time, I need to as well. I want to emerge a nebulous conglomeration of Nabokov, Dan Simmons, and my idyll, Frank Herbert as if Marcus Aurelius was his daddy and Anais Nin was his mother. I think that about sums up my literary style I’m shooting for. At the moment, I have evolved to pimple on their butts. I do plan to work on improving. I hope the current story is that improvement.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. You not only up my game, you keep me in the game! Nothing like a challenge to boil the blood of a natural predator…uh, competitor! Your current story brings to mind a blend of “2001”, with Hal, the cheeky AI not pinching butt cheeks but throwing astronauts out of space capsules, and the brilliant world building talents of Frank Herbert himself. Plus, your actual knowledge of DARPA, AI and science (as compared to me just making this shit up) is invaluable input! Your presence makes a difference! Tally Ho, ol’ warrior, Tally Ho!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I sent a long reply, but I think it went into the WP nether world of lost words. Here is the short back up transmission. We are the prophets that tell the future. Tally Ho!

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      4. Would have loved to read you long reply: Anyway, A heads up to you and Sha’: As I go forward I’ll be practicing scenery, backstory and world building. So…my future posts may be a lot more mundane. When you and Sha’ do it, it is somehow exciting. When I do it…it’s like…OMG get to the point! Make someone’s head explode! Blow something up! So…gonna practice “the mundane for awhile…”

        Liked by 1 person

      5. It’s the Ezra meets Rae scene. I’m thinking through every word as it has to be the first pivotal moment in the story. My head elves keep telling me it’s an erection scene but, I’m thinking I may need to tamp down the truth of nature to be a little more obscure and let the reader fill in all the blanks.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Oh Bro! It’s been decades since Jackie Gleason entered my mind. Them wuz the days when men were men and comedians were funny. What a blessing to have been an impressionable child learning how families work by watching Gleason, Lucy, Leave it to Beaver, and later All in the Family.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I was far too impressionable! I think I modelled the family I raised after “Leave it to Beaver” without even being conscious of it. Although, after the kids left the house, the wife had to get a job! Kids turned out fine…but I’m suffering the after effects of pushing the ball up the hill one too many times. Oh well!

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Me and you both. I see some kind of doctor every week who tells me my pharmaceutical regimen is the source of all my suffering but that suffering from synthesized chemicals is better than death. I disagree on both points. While I pursue natural living and the vast benefits that come with it, I humor the docs by taking my meds that are killing me. I realize doctors need patients to afford their high end lifestyle and once they can’t increase their income, it’s better to let the insurance company knock you off and bring in a younger healthier person who can be prescribed meds that make them sick so they’ll return regularly. The economy is important. Still, I secretly plot against them by eating well and exercising. Once they perfect the AI females to be more anatomically correct and infinitely compatible, I’ll exercise a lot more. Ha ha ha! I’d write that as another novel but I think I may upset half the world population with such bizarre plots. I could start another conspiracy theory. That might be even better. Certainly more lucrative in a predatory capitalist way. 🤫

        Liked by 1 person

      9. At least you aware the pharmaceutical industry is killing you! Worse, I think the eviler plan is that they want to put you in a permanent coma so they can bill your health insurance for expensive care and medicine until you actually die!

        Liked by 1 person

      10. Yes indeed, Covid has helped tremendously with the high cost of maintaining a patient on life support in an induced coma which has proven to be more fatal than the actual virus. Sadly, anytime the medical administration finds a way to increase profits a thousand fold to cover the uninsured that Obamacare promised to cover, the insurance companies reduce the benefit passing the cost onto the Obamacare payee who never gets sick but pays $8000 a year in insurance. The smart one’s just refuse insurance and get the totally free service off the backs of those silly enough to pay and then stay healthy. I’m looking forward to my inevitable coma. I hear you don’t dream and so when you die, you don’t notice a difference. That’s better than praying to die comfortably in your own bed without soiling your Depends. My only reservation is I would like to put off the end for a little while longer, maybe 20 years or so. I’m lazy, so I haven’t completed my bucket list yet.

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    1. A heads up to you and Hype: As I go forward I’ll be practicing scenery, backstory and world building. So…my future posts may be a lot more mundane. When you and Hype do it, it is somehow exciting. When I do it…it’s like…OMG get to the point! Make someone’s head explode! Blow something up! So…gonna practice “the mundane for awhile…”


    1. You keep loping me the ball, and I’m gonna keep hitting it back over the net! I’m gonna beam over to your place as soon as I finish this safari…might take awhile, the naked natives are keeping me highly amused…

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      1. Waaa haaa haaa! One of things that has always challenged my reality is my concept of the artful beauty of the human body and naked natives. The variation about the mean adds new meaning to the concept of 6 sigma or 6 degrees of freedom. I’m a big fan of the exotic nature of tribal people and believe tube tops, leggings, and modern swimwear for western woman is one of the most significant contributions to our return to the feminine arts in tribal culture. I pray nothing interferes with our advancements in this area.

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      2. We are creatures of our nature and to deny our nature is to deny life itself. Procreation urges are the strongest of the survival instincts. One of the things I learned in my younger days as a warrior wannabe was that we can train our base nature for survival to a high level. This is the difference between the Lion and the rabbit. Both are naturally tuned to survival to a high degree but the Lion has the right training and equipment to eat the bunny and fart fur-balls. Now that’s the life for a young hominid before arthritis and irritable bowel become the primary locus of focus. Still, if we look further, the rabbit survives as a species by procreating often and with joyous efficiency. We can learn from both animals. Be the Lion that procreated like a rabbit or at least practice procreation to a high degree of efficiency. Nature is a wonderful instructor.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. At some point in life, when no one is excited about reproducing your DNA, you must find other ways to transubstantiate that formidable energy…blogging is one way! Tally Ho! My racket is now stretching to reach your volley!

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I agree. Freud thought everything was tied to sex and mommy-daddy issues. Well really, what else matters? When Jung started in with dreams and archetypes, the world went mad. Now, women are posting reviews of adult toys on You Tube and yoga is getting censored. What in the wide world of sports is going on here?

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