Paul’s eyes widened as he felt the presence of the many minds within his own. It was difficult to maintain control, but he was amazed as his consciousness expanded to make room for the sea of humanity entering his mind. There were as many neurons and synaptic connections within his brain as there were stars in the Universe, and he felt his own brain expanding, moving, absorbing, growing. There was room to unite all of humanity. And room for much more.

His nanite infection had reached critical mass and Paul could clearly see within the minds of his followers. He could feel their greatest fears, their greatest ambitions and their wildest dreams.

Amongst all those minds, he finally sensed what he’d been hoping to find: the truth. The single common denominator uniting all forms throughout the galaxy.

Buried deep within us, obscured by fear and manipulation to consume, to spend, to acquire, to compete; buried beneath a lifetime of programming from the capitalist cult of mass media was a common denominator humanity had never faced nor admitted, but which they intuitively knew.  And this explained everything.

In Paul’s mind, this explained all the stories from our past, the various myths of every culture, each and every God of every religion, all explained by one simple truth, one simple premise.

Paul shook his head. It was so simple. Why had he not realized it earlier? Every form had a simple, innate desire…no, a yearning…to be free. But that meant freedom from the constraints and limitations of matter, whether the form was human, beast or mineral.

A return to the simple, elegant state of pure energy was the only way to achieve this freedom.

Paul could see it clearly now. And this explained the slaughter of millions throughout history.

“My nanites were never meant to be political,” Paul said, turning to face Lasseter and Akira. Billy-Bob remained in the shadows.

Lasseter grinned. “Anytime you get a group of people thinking the same way, it becomes political.”

“It’s dangerous,” Paul responded quickly. “My red shirts don’t care of they live or die. Deep down, they want to die, and they’re beginning to acknowledge this…”

“Let them die.” Akira shrugged.

Lasseter ignored her. “It’s impossible to fight people with no fear of death. That’s why the government is out to stop you. They fear a movement developing that will effect voting, spending…everything, in fact.”

“How can I put a stop to this?” Paul looked worried.

“You can’t,” Akira jumped in. “You’re past the point of no return. You started it, but you can’t stop it.”

Billy-Bob stepped out of the shadows. “Give them hope…”

“There’s that word ‘hope’,” Lasseter laughed. “There is no hope…”

“There’s always hope…” Billy-Bob inched forward, catching Paul’s glance. “I didn’t fight in two wars to listen to you telling me I actually wanted to die…”

“Maybe you did want to die,” Lasseter replied quickly, taking a moment to gulp from his flask. “Otherwise, why go to war? You wanted to die but were afraid to admit it.”

“I admit it,’ Akira added. “I want everyone to die.” She didn’t even smile. “The sooner, the better.”

“Guys, guys,” Paul interrupted, “Billy-Bob’s right. I have to give people Hope. A reason to live. Any ideas?”

“Stick to the basics.” Lasseter’s palms went skyward as his shoulders shrugged slightly.

“What basics?”

“Sex, drugs ‘n rock n’ roll.”

“Lasseter, this isn’t a joke.”

“Life is a joke.”

“At this very moment, my followers, my red shirts, are about to get mowed down by Bass’s militia. They’re protesting in front of the White House and they’re about to get fired upon.”

“That could be a good thing,” Akira cackled.

More later.

33 thoughts on “A return to pure energy?

  1. Love the question and your resolution — What is humankind’s ultimate desire? My first thoughts were that we can never have one, considering our evolutionary programming. That mankind is forever wanting, reaching goals, sating desires in an endless search that because of our human nature has no real ending.

    Though perhaps, as you proposed, only a return to pure energy will end our cycle of endless wanting and restless discontent. In other words, our death! Disregarding an intentional futuristic transformation of course. Now that’s Sci-Fi! Good stuff George!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Yes, Paul’s conclusion about what people want is definitely Luciferian.

    Lucifer did not like the idea of God creating a material universe.

    One of the many reasons he rebelled.

    Of course the body Adam and Eve could have had if they hadn’t eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil would have been a glorified form of matter.

    Like Christ’s Resurrection body which was able to go through walls but still had flesh and bones like Thomas the Apostle discovered when he touched Him.

    Gnosticism and Jewish Kabbalism likewise favoured escape from the material realm and a return to pure spiritual energy.

    Branches of Hinduism and Buddhism likewise have the same desire to escape the material physical realm.

    It’s interesting that while Paul is Luciferian, Akira is out and out satanic.

    Back in my late childhood and early teens, I set out to do something that I don’t believe has ever been done before and that’s to do a personality profile of the Devil.

    I came to the conclusion that the Devil is a split personality.

    Part of him wants to be good- his Luciferian side (but a goodness he’s formulated for himself).

    And then his evil (satanic) side which is death and destruction solely for the purpose of death and destruction.

    Paul does seek goodness- but it is a goodness independent from matter (basically telling God that “God created and God saw that it was good” was and is wrong).

    While Akira is definitely satanic.

    Death and destruction for the purpose of death and destruction.

    “Let them die” as Akira says.

    This phenomenon of the Luciferian/Satanic split personality dichotomy can be seen in revolutions.

    The French and Russian Revolutions started out with good intentions- get rid of oppression going on (Luciferian principles) but then breaks down into anarchy and chaos and a Reign of Terror (satanic principles).

    Lucifer sets out to do good in making himself into a god but then gradually breaks down and de-evolves into Satan the destroyer (an angelic equivalent of the mortal man Jekyll breaking down into the mortal man Hyde).

    And the reason why Lucifer breaks down into Satan and Jekyll breaks down into Hyde is due to something that the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoevsky observed and noted, “One ultimately cannot do good without God.”

    Liked by 2 people

    1. On the contrary, I say that one (ONE!) can NEVER do good WITH God. The proof of that claim lies throughout history. What does history have to say about God? The simplest definition, take the World wars in which God is firmly on both sides of the struggle so that in the end he remains ALWAYS on the winning side, abandoning the losers to his alter ego, Satan. A whole lot more can be said about this but for me this suffices to illustrate my point.

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    2. Brilliant, spot on analysis…Akira is definitely evil, Paul is trying to be “good…” Everything else you posted about the historical context of this story….I will save for future reference! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Well I must say, a great piece of sci-fi AND philosophy! Now you’ve brought the “red shirts” to the final place of decision in their quest for the truth. Now you’re demonstrating that TRUTH is greater than physical life once the idea of truth is understood. What are Bass’s dinosaur goons going to do? Gandhi tried that against the British and it worked, if only for a short time. But without a complete change of mind throughout the entire world, the same will happen again: some will die but many more will cower away hoping that those who sacrificed themselves will be enough to bring back good ol’ normalcy. It is always the HOPE for NORMALCY that guarantee the continuation of oppression and oppression is always something that imposes conditions and limits – any condition and any limit. Oppression is the acceptance of some kind of boundary.


    1. I’m on the right track then…thanks! Glad you’re still lurking around…because your comments, in particular, help shape this story as it develops! Something about quantum mechanics…the observer changes the behavior of the observed! “The HOPE for Normalcy guarantees the continuation of oppression…” that is a key point…which is why Lasseter is so cynical on the concept of “Hope..”!!!! Thanks, Sha’


  4. As always, I will inflame the sensibilities of all who came before. Excellent chapter that seems to draw us to a critical juncture in the story. The truth is we all want to return from whence we came, to our origins, to stardust, to the elemental being to which all of the universes have a deep affinity for. While there is violence in the universe that makes humans’ grandest and most evil deeds seem like an AA battery with only .1 volts left in a 3-volt system, it is the purest of existence and endless cycle of creation and destruction. This is why humans follow this cycle in our earthly deeds. It is the very nature of all fundamental matter that exists. Akira doesn’t seem evil to me; she appears less prone to the folly of human emotion. Akira is an A^2I (Advanced Artificial Intelligence) when she goes beyond self-awareness to a Flexible Psychology with emotional intelligence. She will be lost to the endless doom of repetition without a means to liberate humanity from its physical imprisonment in biomass that is aware of only fantasy. Thus spake Hyperion, the god of the universal light. Followers may donate cash in lieu of hateful commentary.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. LOL! Perceptive and profound comment my friend! Now, onward as Paul prepares his followers “to shuffle off this mortal coil…” without fear and change the history of all mankind! Mooohahahahahaaa!!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. To infinity and beyond! Says my hero, Buzz Lightyear. What would be really cool is right when Akira is going to launch all the nuclear missiles of all the world with her iPhone, her water breaks and she goes into labor.

        Liked by 2 people

    1. My God, you have instilled the meaning back into my life that Camus and the others stole! My writing is my answer to the only significant philosophical question…”To be, or not to be…” I will continue post haste! Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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