A Living God emerges.

The four marched solemnly out onto the balcony, hands clasped as in prayer. Four figures wearing dazzling full length scarlet and white robes. Leading the four just a few steps ahead of the others was a lone figure who wore the only multi-colored robe among them: pure white edged in gold, with Rose, Red, Green, Purple and Violet threads stitched throughout. The hood was pulled forward to obscure the face inside. On the breast was embroidered a nearly imperceptible insignia of the symbol PI, looking similar to the ancient Stonehenge monument—a slab supported by two non-parallel support beams—representing the symbol of infinity but also the first two initials of Paul’s full name: Paul Isaac Evans.  

Akira orchestrated the event perfectly, even down to the precise time of day. The rising sun at their backs created the halo effect she desired, while obscuring the eyesight of the masses.  A huge cheer went up from the crowd. Television camera’s edged in, while thousands of flashes momentarily blinded the four as hundreds of Iphones snapped photos to record the moment.

Paul used the din to converse with Akira:

“Is this necessary?”

“You’re now their Living God. You have to look like the part.”

“But robes?”

Akira turned her head slightly. Behind her, she could sense Billy-Bob and Lasseter listening intently.

Lasseter grinned at her approvingly, while Billy-Bob nervously caressed a barely perceptible bulge on the right side of his robe. The Glock. He never went anywhere without it.

“We are addressing their collective consciousness and cellular memories,” she whispered, wanting to end the conversation quickly.

“Everything we’ve chosen for this moment dates back centuries…thousands of years before even Christ…an event designed so this pitchfork crowd will recognize you on such deep, subliminal level, they’ll fall in love with you instantly, without knowing why.”

“And be even more receptive…”


The crowd was finally growing silent, waiting for Paul to speak.

Paul stood a few feet in front of the rest, reached up, and slowly pulled his hood back. He smiled alluringly across the crowd of his infected faithful. There was a look of disquiet about his face that suggested he felt their deepest concerns and fears. That their pain and uncertainty was his. As the rising, bright sunlight silhouetted the back of his head, the cheering increased.

Lasseter, Akira and Billy-Bob turned toward Paul, applauding him, then raised their arms towards the crowd in a call for silence.

Paul raised his own arms to support the call for quiet. The crowd went silent as the infected faithful held their breath. The flashes from the Iphones stopped, and even the babble from the media whores were stilled.

“I want to thank all of you for making this Pilgrimage,” Paul began. “I know it was a long and difficult journey for some of you, but we are about the change the world…”

Paul turned to face the other three, and their arms continuing to signal for silence.

“You have felt my mind, and I have touched yours,” he continued. “The New Reality is just beginning. It has touched your hearts as it has touched my own. You could see it coming, as I could see it coming. The world is past the point of no return unless we join together to raise our consciousness. Economic collapse. Climate Change. Thousands of years of mass insanity is finally coming to an end.”

Lasseter lowered his head and whispered to Billy-Bob. “The climate change thing is irreversible and planet earth is fast tracking to become a K-Type star.”

“An actual star?” Billy-Bob’s hand stopped caressing his gun.

“Sorry to be the one to tell you. That’s one reason why I have to get Akira off this planet.”

“Does Paul know?”

“I’m not sure.”

“The very rich have been living a life of ease and decadence, and while you slave away in their factories and stores for scraps, the pedophile elite who rule you rape your beautiful young daughters turning them into harlots and whores…”

An angry roar gushed from the crowd, fist shaking violently in the air.

“Look,” Akira giggled, “An actual pitchfork. Someone’s shaking an actual pitchfork. This is great!”

“This we must change!” Paul roared, holding his fist high.

The angry roar turned into a naked, violent scream of adulation.

“Together, we will ascend. We will no longer identify with race, gender, age or nationality…those things which divide us…together, we are one…the new reality begins today…a new reality where everyone lives in peace, love, abundance, joy, truth, compassion and higher dimensional consciousness.”

A burst of euphoria surged through the air.

“We will not only stand equally in the whole cosmos, we will spread throughout the cosmos, we will not destroy ourselves and this planet…together we will conquer the stars and spread throughout the galaxy!”

The euphoria was palpable and the decibels grew, causing Paul’s robe to vibrate.

Billy-Bob abruptly stepped forward and grabbed Paul’s shoulders in what looked like a warm, congratulatory embrace.

“It’s time to go,” he whispered. “They’re coming.”

Off in the distance, flying into the sun, small dark spots approaching in a formation that only a trained eye could identify.

Black Hawk helicopters, racing towards them at 183 mph.

Akira didn’t waste a moment. She gently spun Paul towards the exit, waving to the crowd.

More later.

32 thoughts on “A New Reality Begins.

  1. Very satirical piece 🙂 I liked it more than the previous…maybe cuz there’s a deeper sense here lol or I’m just into “all mysterious” :))

    Well done 👍 & the phrase “we are about the change the world…” made me smile…lots of places made me chuckle 🤭 too ;))

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  2. Paul reveals his inner Messianic tendencies at last.

    Of course he needed Akira to pull it off to the world (Akira seems to be a far sexier version of NEXT that sinister AI seeking to take over the world in the new TV series of the same name -NEXT).

    The way Paul is revealing himself using Akira’s tecniques and backdrop seems to be the same way the New Age Messiah reveals himself in Constance Cumbey’s early 1980s book A Planned Deception: The Staging of A New Age Messiah.

    And Paul’s words sound very much like the words of Maitreya as they were allegedly spoken through New Age seer Benjamin Creme and recorded in the New Age magazine Share International over the past 40 years.

    Economic collapse, climate change and no longer identifying with race, gender, age or nationality was all part of Maitreya’s language.

    Going out and conquering the stars sounds more like Hitler’s language than Maitreya’s but then again Foster and Alice A. Bailey (whose ideas and those of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky inspired the New Age Movement when it first coalesced in the late 1970s and early 1980s) did write in their books that a disciple using the Rhine as a base tried to bring forth the New Age but failed (the book was written in the late 1940s and the only well known person on the Rhine the Baileys could have been referring to was Hitler.)

    Perhaps Paul is turning into a combination of two different New Age Messiahs – Hitler and Maitreya.

    An earthling based galactic Hitler rather than a Germanic Aryan ethnocentric based Hitler.

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  3. Ahh, the lion leaps from the tall grass and roars back to life! I was with the crowd flashing my iPhone as Billy Bob caressed an off center bulge. I’ve been a firm believer in the collective consciousness and cellular memory for years. It’s real science the babbling media whores will not touch, even with Billy Bob’s bulge. I laughed with grand amusement at Billy Bob halting his intrinsic trigger affirmation to ask Lasseter if the world was turning into a real star. Billy Bob surely enjoys a good K-Pop show with a real K-Star. My favorite part after the speech for the new galaxy order was right when our daughters were being turned into harlots, the feds roll in with Black Hawks ablaze as Akira waves to the crowd in that charming way only Akira can do. Loved it Bro, you didn’t lose any of your mojo, you amplified it. Something tells me Billy Bob is gripping his bulge Again and going after a little air defense technology but Akira has this and I can’t wait to see it play out.

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  4. Wow… I actually felt shivers up my spine when my mind slipped (oh, so easily!) into that scene. I was there, George!!! What a come back. I could sense a force that assured me there was nothing more the “establishment” could do to stop this process. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Sha…thanks, that means a lot! I added a vision of a new world filled with…among other things…compassion…because you are right! I hold myself back for fear of going overboard…but the more I read, learn, study…the more I realize I can even reach the rails, so there’s no chance I can ever go overboard. I’m going to stretch this as far as I can. Your writing, input and comments are great fodder as I dissect these “Eartherians…” and there insanity.


      1. It’s always good to get a story told by a different story teller with a different perspective. I’m currently reading a Sci-fi novel, “Apex: Nexus Arc Book 3” by Ramez Naam. I shouldn’t be, but was, quite surprised to find so many parallels to your own story. The main difference is, yours is told in a more direct, simpler way, hence easier to grasp. Naam makes you hunt for clues and chase characters. I’ve had to backtrack and even keep my own notes on who does what, where, why… So I’d say, keep on keeping on. I’ve read up a bit on Naam and frankly, he’s quite scary, IMO.

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      2. From the little of what I’ve read of this book in the little blurbs available online…IT’S MY BOOK! lol! Just bought it. It’s in the mail.


      3. In the near future, the experimental nano-drug Nexus can link humans together, mind to mind. There are some who want to improve it. There are some who want to eradicate it. And there are others who just want to exploit it…Well, at least the drug is not in a mattress! LOL!


      4. I think your version is more believable. OK, so you have an alien involved but hey, I like aliens. I’d better, I’m one of “them”! I hope you will see not just the similarities, but the obvious differences and keep on writing it. “Fingers crossed!”

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  5. I don’t have any insightful comments on characters, plot or hidden messaging as those who are long-time followers. But I can express my joy on a purely entertaining level. Well written, well structured, in both character and plot. As you build suspense and intrigue slowly, your story always keeps me coming back for more. An itch, that I cannot yet reach. From a readers standpoint — what else can you ask for? Looking forward to your next entry George. Be well!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks George! Hey, maybe one day down the road we’ll hook-up and do a Ray Bradbury, Tom Clancy – Stephen King kinda novel? You know? A Sci-fi new world black ops suspense horror thriller! Cue “far out wacky idea” rolling eyes here🙄. And to make sure it sells, we’ll put in a orange- hued evil president as leader of the not so free world. — Now were talking success! 🥱 Lol!

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  6. Oh boy. Did Paul just shout up a entire audience with just a wave of his hand. Oh wow…. People came to join his pilgrimage was quite the line. Akira powerful as ever with her incredible confidence. This series of yours is coming along very nicely man. keep us on our toes….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Flower…thank you very much. I was just meditating on whether I should write and post a new chapter today. Maybe I will. Stay tuned. Love it when the flower drops in. Flowers are soooo precious…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi George. HAHAAH I will look forward to reading your next chapter. HAAHAHAH you make it worth the read my friend. I do nothing. Its you who is playing the words right.

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