These are my ruminations.

The well hasn’t run dry. I’m ruminating. More soon. The smoke has cleared.


23 thoughts on “From Scientist to techno-shaman.

  1. A splendid little teaser you have written here, George my friend.

    I thought at first I had spotted a quote from the Persian poet Rumi but upon a closer look, it was Paul ruminating.

    Good to see that Paul’s well hasn’t run dry.

    With a pregnant and increasingly hostile Akira not giving Paul any nookie these days, the reader has been left wondering and pondering this question.

    I love your title From Scientist To Techno-Shaman.

    Signifying what Paul has been transforming into throughout most of your novel.

    It reminds me of something C.S. Lewis once said, “We must fear the day scientists become magicians.”

    And by magicians, he didn’t mean those stage performers who saw women in half or pull a rabbit out of their hats.

    He was referring to shamen.

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      1. In the movie, The Jerk, the guy who makes Navin Johnson rich is at the gas station. Steve Martin says, “Shall I check the oil, sir?” and the guy says, “Check away, Navin R Johnson”.

        Since then, I and my kids use that line for most anything. I wasn’t implying that you were a jerk, however…

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      1. I haven’t done it for years, and the same day…(or next) you mention “have a smoke.” A bit odd, I’d say. It was a cigar, btw. Won’t imbibe again for quite a while.


    1. Thank you flower. Paul has just realized there is no escaping religion in this culture, and he is about to take the next step in his own evolution. I just gotta find my “chi…” and start typing.


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