Akira with roses
She can’t hide forever.

With the recent failure of the snatch/reconnaissance mission, as well as President James Bass breathing down his neck to identify some unnaturally perfect looking bitch code-name “Goddess,” Director of National Intelligence Sean Turner hadn’t gotten any sleep, which only served to make him drink more, and made his reactions even less appropriate. When the Ah-64 Apache flared and touched down, scattering leaves and debris at such velocity that the dirt felt like razors tearing his skin, Turner was already outside, staggering, yelling and waving at the cockpit.

As soon as the Black-Ops agent hopped out, code-named “Knuckles,” Turner grabbed him by the collar and dragged him to the back of the restricted hanger. This was a dangerous act. Turner didn’t care.  He could hear the Apache’s rotors rev as it lifted off to its next destination and he felt more high velocity debris tearing his flesh.

Once in the back of the hangar, he didn’t care who heard him, he just began shouting. “What the fuck!? You really screwed the pooch!  Nine dead. Nine! They blew the shit out of your vans and made you look like Keystone Cops! Two scientists and some bitch did this to you? Did this to Black Ops? You’re supposed to be our best!”

“That’s what happened.”

“And more bodies were dissolved? Dissolved? What are they, fucking magicians?”

“Bad mojo, I guess.”

Turner waited for further explanations, for some insight, for some commentary, for anything useful to come out of this knuckle-heads mouth, but since the agent didn’t know any more than he’d just reported, he wisely kept his mouth shut.

“Idiot!” Turner shouted, “Fucking stupid idiot!” He was beginning to slur. “What the hell am I going to tell Bass?”

Knuckle’s knew he had a higher security clearance than the Director of National Intelligence, and that he didn’t have to stand here and listen to this shit, but he also knew that Turner and Bass were drinking buddies, and Turner could easily influence the president by well-timed whispers in his ear.

Knuckles didn’t want any of those whispers to be about Black Hole Ops. There was too much unaccounted money at stake. He tried to report the facts, and kept his opinion to himself.

“Where are these scientists and this bitch right now? Right at his particular God-Damn moment?”

“Her name’s Akira, sir.”

“Oh! You do know something! Please, tell me…where are they right now…”

“We don’t know.”

“Damn it Knuckles or whatever your real name is, don’t play mind-games.  I’m already stretched too thin! Where the hell do you think they are? Answer me, or I’ll have Bass take a deep dive into your organization and I’ll personally name you as part of the swamp!”

Knuckles felt like reaching out and choking the living shit out of this semi-sober National Security Director. Turner was replaceable. But the damage Bass could do by looking too closely at the funding could be irreparable.

“They have to be somewhere in Washington, but we don’t know where.”

Turner wanted to put a bullet through the agent’s useless heart. “That’s the stupidest mother-fu…” he stuttered, lost his balance, slipped. Knuckles caught him, propped him upright. He fought the temptation to crack his skull on the concrete.

“We’re the US Government,” Turner continued, regaining his balance. “You’re using the most sophisticated surveillance equipment on the planet. You had satellites in fucking space watching them the whole time. How could you possibly…possibly… not know where they are?”

“Sir, let me explain.”

“Please, yes, please, do.” Turner gasped for air, straightened himself and brushed himself off.

“The surveillance equipment, the satellites, everythingeverything came off line at precisely the right moment to help them escape.”

“That can’t be a coincidence!” Turner roared.

“We don’t think so either.”

“Who’s helping them? I demand an answer!”

“You’re not going to like the answer.”

“Try me.”

“We don’t think this is a case of—pick an enemy—any enemy—” Knuckles splayed his fingers as if he were holding a deck of cards, “We think this Akira—code name Goddess—had something to do with it.”

Turner regained his composure, hoping his calm demeanor would elicit responses that made sense.

“How? Tell me how?” Turner took a deep breath, speaking slowly: “How? How is this Akira taking the entire universe of our most advanced, sophisticated surveillance equipment off-line at precisely the right moment to elude capture from highly trained killers, assassins and butchers? How is that even remotely possible?”

The air became a whirlwind and the debris once again tore at Turner’s flesh as the Ah-64 Apache returned to pick up the agent for his next assignment.

As the helicopter touched down, Knuckles ignored the National Security Director and ran past him to jump on board. He turned his head slightly as he yelled:

“We think she used a smart phone.”


–More later


30 thoughts on “Code Name “Goddess.”

  1. Hahhaha code name bitch Goddess. On point man. I don’t know what Akira gonna do next but she is one hell of a smart badass sending terror in hearts of her enemies. Well put. Look forward for more 😊🌸👏

    Liked by 1 person

    1. …and it’s comments like yours that keep this story alive! Thanks! See you just made a great suggestion whether your realize it or not: going forward, Akira’s codename will be “bitch Goddess” not merely “Goddess.” I love it!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I loved it Bro! You hit reality in the X-ring for 10 points. The dialog is terse but with excellent humor. A total win. Every line is a on point. The bumbling politician with an oversized ego whose only real power is his ability to focus a lens on Black Hole Ops funding and expenses. No operator wants the fun faucet turned off. Nor do they want to waste time explaining $30,000 strip club bills are necessary for national security. Sometimes you gotta buy a lot of Lap dances to get good intel. This part was the icing on the cake but the cherry on top was the agent leaving turner with his fly full of biting helicopter debris as he hopped on his stallion and tossed the line of the century, she has a smart phone. I dang near laughed my lunch loose at the justice served. You do this with such skill bro. I’m studying at Cool Grokking University here.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your grokking brings my confidence level to another planet bro…I also think I remember dropping $30,000 K at a strip club once…just to watch them bend over and pick u[ the cash! it was worth it! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s true. It’s simple math. They underfund everything by 30% knowing that 70% of the remaining funds will go toward fraud, waste, and abuse leaving only a fraction of funds actually accomplishing what was intended. And that fraction is the real operating capital. If the public finds out they could reduce taxes by 90% and the only thing that would be affected was corruption, there might be a reckoning in the swamp.

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  3. Well done. Fits with the rest of your story i.e. Knuckles and a drunk Director. Good back and forth and the info helps move the story forward, additionally helping readers recall past events.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’m not so good at reading in bits…I’ll read the whole piece one day yet George 🤓☺️ but now something here reminds me of ‘The Feed’…the phone and instant connectivity…sending writing vibes…I also enjoy your threads and writing process ~ smiles Hedy ☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Black Hole’s intel has a lot of holes in it – they don’t seem to be even aware there is one “normal” Earthian in the group of dissidents: Billy Bob, yet without him where would they have gotten the weaponry? About a month ago I decided to “back down” the phone connection by switching my SIM card back to my very old HTC from the Samsung, hoping by that to jump back to before the smart phones. An Internet search quickly revealed that my old refurbed HTC was also a smart phone… maybe not as smart as the Sam, but smart enough. Apparently if you can text from an on-screen qwerty keyboard, you have a smart phone. Be that as it may, this was a good segment, from a reader’s point of view because it re-created the depth that had been missing from the story for a while. It’s easy to put Akira/Bass top and center but isn’t it time for Paul to develop a sense of his own abilities and power? I want a face-to-face confrontation between Bass and Paul, a la Emperor and Muad’dib of Dune! When are we going to sense and see that Akira/Lasseter are really place holders, bit of misdirection while Paul gets his shit together? Otherwise, it’s moving again, that’s good. I would not mention the helicopter debris the second time around since they were ostensibly inside the back of the building, just a thought. That last line is a great close to that chapter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey thanks Sha! Weirdly, I sat down to write about Paul’s awakening but this is what came out! Next post, you’ll see Bass discussing Paul and “what he is” and Paul will begin to come into being. And you’re correct: the gov’t is unaware there is not one normal “Earthian”in the group. The reader is aware, but the reader will watch as the Gov’t discovers the truth. Stay tuned for next post! Love your input, greatly appreciated!


    1. Thanks for rejoining, ‘Mudge. It’s such an evolving story, much of which will be “trashed” if I ever do a second go-around, you not missing much…you’re jumping in after it’s gotten some legs and the writing a lot tighter. Lotta help from some of our favorite bloggers too. If YOU find the style engaging, that’s a big go-ahead to continue. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

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