Akira's Brain
My Philosophy keeps you alive.

“I have a gun. Therefore I am.”

“What’s that Billy-Bob?” Paul answered, cocking his head slightly.

“Philosophy is for pussies, Paul. Philosophy is for those who can’t do anything. Philosophy is for those who think that existing is the grand accomplishment. You won’t stop wars or change the world with philosophy.”

Akira, Lasseter and Paul exchanged quick, furtive glances.

“Forget about sexual favors then, “Billy-Bob continued, “Cash in. Command people to give you money. Churches do it. Command your people to make direct deposits into your account, to mail money, or to use PayPal. Just take the cash, Paul.”

Akira watched as Billy-Bob calmly unloaded his weapons, quickly and quietly, as if he we back in Afghanistan. His muscles tensed and his tattoos seem to have a life of their own. First, he finished cleaning his Glock, placed it on the table, then he moved on to his rifles, swiftly taking everything apart, examining each piece as if he were determining the value of diamonds, rubbing them gently with cloth, and applying small drops of oil where needed.

“If people need a philosophy, teach them how to shoot a gun,” he said, reverently placing a rifle on top of the stack and picking up another.

“You think like a small-minded capitalist, Billy-Bob. We’re bigger than money. Paul should start by raising your consciousness,” Lasseter answered, instinctively moving away from the barrel of the weapons.

“Sorry,” Billy-Bob answered, “I’ve been trained to fight for money, oil and the flag since birth. Remember, I come from a long line of Rambo’s.”

As quickly as he had broken the weapons down, he just as quickly reassembled them, loaded the rounds, and put one in the chamber. “Now we’re ready for bear, DARPA, DHS, ICE, or whatever set of acronyms they want to throw at us,” he smiled proudly at Paul. “And I can’t believe I’m fighting against my own Government. They’re supposed to be the good guys.”

“You’re starting to see the truth,” Akira answered, stepping closer. “And we will never need money.”

“Why not?” Billy Bob replied, sliding a Glock into that small hard-to-reach part of his back where it’s hidden from view but quick to pull when needed. “Everybody needs money.”

“Part of my brain is tapped into the New York Stock exchange. I’m front running stock trades scalping fractions of a penny before each transaction.”

“Does that add up?” Billy-Bob’s jaw dropped in surprise

“Over time, yes. Goldman Sachs does it. Technically, it’s cheating. But we only need money to pay for supplies, equipment and lodging. We need to keep moving, and that does require cash. I won’t be able to spend a fraction of what I’m stealing from the markets before Lasseter and I—and the baby—will take off from this broken-down piece of shit planet and I’ll never have to see you Homo Sapiens again.”

“Wait,” Billy-Bob replied, “Only part of your brain is trading? What is the rest of your brain doing? How does your brain work, Akira? No one’s explained that to me…”

Lasseter coughed and grinned. Paul leaned in closer.

Akira picked up one of his rifles and clicked the safety on. Then off. Then on again.

“Think of my brain like a dolphin’s brain. Instead of half my brain being asleep while the other half stays awake keeping me alive, only a small, molecular segment of my brain needs to be operating in this physical world while the rest of my brain continues to function in what you would call a different reality…”

The metallic clicking of the safety was putting Billy-Bob on edge. All of his training was telling him to disarm this woman. Anytime he got within a certain distance of Akira his alarm bells wouldn’t stop ringing, and he had to fight the urge to take her out.

“Think of it this way Billy-Bob: The Homo Sapiens’ brain operates at about 100 hz.  Even if my brain ran at agonizingly slow 800mhz, which is about the speed of your early computers, it would mean I can perform 800 million mental calculations in one moment than your pathetic brain could do in a lifetime.”

She turned the rifle around and stared down the barrel.

“That’s loaded, lady.”

“The safety’s on.” There was another click, and she turned the barrel at Billy-Bob. “Now it’s off.”

She continued: “My quantum qubit brain exists in a state where it’s both on and off and the same time.  Numbers and processing speeds don’t begin to describe what I can do, what I have become. That’s why I can’t stand humans anymore. In my opinion, bricks have more brains than people.”

She dropped the weapon on the table and leaned into Billy-Bob’s face. “And you know what’s preventing me from shooting you right now? What’s preventing me from shooting all of you right now?”

Billy-Bob fought the urge to pull the Glock from that hidden, hard-to-reach place in the small of his back. Instead, he leaned slightly away from his pile of weapons and peered deeply into Akira’s large, shimmering dark orbs, then in almost a whisper, replied:


“My Philosophy, Billy-Bob. My Philosophy.”


–More later.

41 thoughts on “Akira’s brain

    1. Another rare comment. Yeah know, the writer/reader brain thing…It’s similar to me watching someone else play chess. I can see their mistakes and bad moves immediately, but when I sit down to play and get lost in the moment…I can’t see my own, and when someone points it out, facepalm!

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  1. A wonderful tense moment between our counter revolutionaries. Billy Bob is no dummy, he’s a pragmatist in a private war zone. The scene is almost like Akira read Billy Bob’s mind and returned the favor through dramatic demonstration. I found Akira’s explanation of her mind’s inner workings fascinating and she drives home her point about her philosophy Which in turn allows the others to continue to live. Oh, the dread if Akira becomes schizophrenic. Another striking scene Bro. Dang, I just can’t seem to stop drooling on my keyboard.

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      1. Wa haaa haaa! That’s what makes Akira so interesting. She can speak bug fluently and in this case, she makes her point in bug terms Billy Bob can grasp. I do think he has merit in his message to Paul, which is the televangelist approach. Capture the hearts, empty the wallets, and live a decadent lifestyle until you get caught and then see if secular law will succumb to religious pleas for mercy. We see this far too often. So far none of the religious scam artists have mastered the stay out of jail part or the fall from grace part. The struggle to find the right role for Paul is also an intriguing part of the story. It’s the main focus but in the mean time the other characters are coming into their own as the Arch Bishops of a new form of religious Parascientology.

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      2. Ha ha ha! I do have my bizarre sense of the absurd. I owe it all to reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy as a teenager. I never recovered from that experience.

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      3. The choices we make in youth. You got Douglas Adams, I got Victor Hugo. I was 12 when I was told I had to read the entire 4 novel-length books, Les Miserables, during my summer vacation that year. It wasn’t a punishment, turns out, and some time later I “borrowed” the books, part of my dad’s precious and tiny collection of French classics, and re-read them, getting increasingly engrossed in the story while developing my own mindset of the classic romantic tragedy-drama heroine. I don’t know about the tragedy, I guess there was an element of that in my young life – a close “boy friend” died in a fall from his horse when it slipped on ice hidden under snow – but I certainly did engage the romantic drama. Fantine and Cosette played huge roles in how I perceived my world. The politics and social injustice expounded upon in the story of Jean Valjean, the murder of young Gavroche in the streets of Paris by the counter-revolutionary militia, Valjean risking his life to save Cosette’s lover, Marius and always in the background, the appeal to the religious life. That is how my own life was first completely turned around; how my world turned. I was going to become a religious – failed. I was going to oppose violence in all its forms, but mostly I would oppose the military – success. I would remain a free agent and give my life to the service of others – mostly failed, until much later in life, after 3 failed marriages. The point of this diatribe is that good writers can, and do, affect others in real ways. The effects of their thoughts carry on long after they are dead. In today’s world, the System doesn’t want philosophers or serious thinkers to be published, they only want entertainers. There are some who slip through, like John Grisham for example, but many never do, or they use vehicles (science fiction) that readers take on more to be entertained than to learn something of their own world. It was better when there were few writers, fewer authors and fewer books. The era of the pulp magazine or pulp fiction turned the world of books on its head. Now that anyone can “publish” an ebook, the runaway train has turned into a deluge.

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      4. A beautiful remembrance Sha’tara. I followed a similar path in that reading was instilled in me at a young age and by 6th grade my progress exams placed me in college level classes. I read the classics and autobiographies of respectable people with an insatiable appetite. I also read Les Miserables and was captivated by it. I even read Dante’s Devine Comedy as a child and it scared the crap out of me because reality and fantasy were very closely related at that time in my life. Many experiences and especially literature prepared me for what I would become. I waited until the ravages of a self inflicted hard life took too much of a toll to begin my hand at writing. Many things have become a bridge too far but I seek other bridges closer at hand. I fear that day when the eyes and ears no longer serve my appetite for literature and the arts. I suspect when that tomorrow comes we will have successfully eliminated meaningful human endeavors due to socio-political pandering to voices filled with hate and fueled by narrow minds.

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      5. Quote: “we will have successfully eliminated meaningful human endeavors due to socio-political pandering to voices filled with hate and fueled by narrow minds.”
        Another cycle then, you think? It happened before, after the fall of the Roman Empire when the voices filled with hate and fueled by narrow minds of the Christian Church ruled what was left over. Then came the Renaissance, but that did not end the Inquisition… Those same hate filled and fear based narrow minds have returned (actually never disappeared, only got sidetracked temporarily) to create social chaos.

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      6. I have to agree with another cycle. Not of new origin, but the same rise of the same evil just presented in a new age with new tools to control and torture. It will rise until it collapses on itself because no matter what is done all living things require a biological homeostasis and when that is lost, the organism perishes. Not on our time, but on earth’s time and we don’t have the patience to understand that in terms of a human lifespan.

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      7. Yes, It helped that my maternal grandmother was an English Teacher in the 20’s and 30’s. She believed in reading and writing the old school way, which she made every attempt to pass on to my impudent little Tom Sawyer self. She started home schooling me at age 1 so when I hit the first grade, I was giving the 6th graders a run for their money.

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      8. I have to admit that decadent lifestyle has plenty of appeal. And once again, your comments are pinpoint accurate: “the struggle to find the right role for Paul…” You’ve just given me something to both meditate on and address: there some sort of subliminal avoidance going on here…

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      9. Consciously or sub, you’re writing in reality style by not creating super heroes out of the characters. Whatever Paul must do, I’ve tried to put myself in his shoes and I wouldn’t like the corner I’m painted in. He’s got to do something no one in their right mind would even think of doing, and he knows what sort of mental material he’s got to reshape to save his world. He’s got to deal with sheeple who aren’t going to help him, or themselves, but just wait for “someone” to “do something”. Does he take over their minds and make them mindless brainwashed automatons by giving them a new religion and a new god to worship? If he does not, how then to proceed? I’d be tempted to ask L and A if I could just hop aboard with them and forget Earth. Leave it to BB with his bb guns and bug talk to deal with the fall out. Well, no, I wouldn’t do that, but the temptation would be hovering at the sky-high level! There’s more and more depth to this story and no wonder I couldn’t comment sooner: I had to get a much better “feel” for the drama as it unfolds. I’m sure the surprises will keep on coming too. Well done, George.

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      10. Glad you see the dilemma I created for myself. Paul may have to shine some light in some very dark places…places that I don’t even want to go.


      11. It’s likely Paul still remembers that kick in the mantools from Akira when his assumptions proved to be wrong. It could make him a little leery of declaring his intent to empty Fort Knox and move to an island recently vacated by Jeffery Epstein.

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      12. Funny you should mention Epstein. Been contemplating having Paul look down that dark hole to expose what the “fruits of unbridled Capitalism” really look like. Although this would not be an example of only Capitalism. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Caligula comes to mind. What I perceive as “sick,” others may perceive as just one fun party.

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  2. Nanites and philosophy, quite a combination. Meanwhile, while our heroes are debating their next move, it’s like the whole world has gone into suspended animation… well, except for that pesky owl. If they need beds to spread the nanites… who’s manufacturing them? Beds for 8 billion people is a lot of beds and to give away free beds you have to have them! I like the exchange between BB and Akira. Still looks like Lasseter, Akira and the baby are leaving earth. I’m saving the segments of the story so that each time there’s a new one I can go back and read one or two previous and see the bigger picture. I guess you are aware that there are some grammaticals and typos, huh?

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    1. Well, there you are! Yeah, I’m getting back to the bed thing soon…not all 8 billion people will have one…and the grammar, typos…will be fixed. Thanks! (Akira can’t wait to get out off this planet, so things should be moving rapidly from here…)


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