Akira Anger
What’s needed: A permanent shift in human consciousness.

Lasseter stood, ambled toward Paul, picked up the table and kicked the religious symbols across the floor.

The light through the window grew brighter and Lasseter could hear the flapping wings of owls as the rising sun drove their prey back into hiding.

A cool breeze moved the curtain making a sound like the fluttering of angel wings.

“You’re right,” Lasseter continued, lifting his head to catch Paul’s gaze. “We need to create a permanent shift in human consciousness. These worn out symbols won’t do. They carry too many memories, too much history, too much meaning…” he paused, casting his eyes downward once again, “I should have considered this.”

Akira waited for Lasseter to continue. When he didn’t, she commented, “A permanent shift in human consciousness is a tall order, Lasseter. Even for me.”

Lasseter didn’t get a chance to respond before Billy-Bob stood, knocking over a chair. “Wait. Don’t jump to conclusions,” he bent over quickly, picked up both the chair and a Bible.

“I’ve been fighting and killing for symbols my entire life. You know, I joined the military for God, Country and Apple Pie. Symbols have always been exploited for political purposes, whether it’s a religious symbol or a Flag. Symbols move people to action, give people something to rally around,” he paused, took a deep breath before continuing, “stand in front of a church holding the Bible and you get people’s attention.”

He then briskly came between Lasseter and Paul clutching a variety of chains, letting them dangle between his fingers. The light reflected off the metal and into Paul’s eyes, blinding him.

Paul threw up his hands, and all he could see was Billy-Bob moving closer in a staccato motion, as if under a strobe.

“…or stand in front of a church holding these,” he continued, standing upright and holding his clenched fist high above his head, “and you’ll get riots.”

Paul squinted and saw Billy-Bob clutching signs of the Devil. A Pentagram, a goat head, and a Trihexadion with the numbers 666. “Riots, I tell you,” he, laughed. “The right symbols can move people in any direction you want.”

Lasseter took the trinkets out of from Billy-Bob’s raised fist and threw them onto the floor. “Bibles and churches and symbols of evil promote division, not unity,” he said, “But we do need something new. Something not so overused.” He reached deep into his vest pocket for his flask, but stopped as he saw Akira move closer towards Paul.

“Maybe the dumb ass soldiers onto something,” she said

“Say what?” Billy-Bob sounded sheepish.

“Is humanity really in the 21st century?” Akira continued, ignoring him. “How long has the Hubble telescope been taking photographs of countless galaxies? What does humanity know about the Big Bang and Black Holes? What does your Bible have to say about all this?”

Paul knew the questions were rhetorical, designed to annoy rather than illuminate. Women, he knew from experience, we good at this tactic.

“It’s not that I believe in religion,” he finally answered, meeting of her gaze, “But religious mythology and stories have always worked. I can’t blame Lasseter reaching for the low hanging fruit, so to speak.”

“Well, Paul,” Akira replied, looking sexy as ever, “Tell us what you want to say to people, and maybe we can help think of a symbol that works. Something new. Something crazy. Maybe I already know the correct symbol. Maybe Billy-Bob does too. What is it you want to say?”

“Good point,” Billy-Bob interrupted. “What do you want to tell people?”

“I want to tell people the truth.”

“Oh. You know the truth?”

“Yes. But it’s constantly changing.”

Akira smirked. “Sound like humanity needs a new religion.”

There was a low sound of an owl hoot coming in from the window.  The rising sun had driven the prey underground.

–More later.

21 thoughts on “Perhaps a new religion will do.

      1. LOL! Thick with satire and irony…but so happy you’re “into it”…to me, that means it’s coming along and I am finally getting into it. It’s a process! Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

  1. You did it, my Friend! You gave me a full course meal of my favorite symbol, the owls. The opening and end are like book ends to the story, opening and closing the prevalent mood. Loved it! You set the scene but didn’t stop there, giving me the full vision. I enjoyed how Billy Bob reinforces the point of symbology which is engrained in the human psyche. If we don’t have a symbol or talisman, we’ll invent one, but we will never be without one. Akira’s careful insinuation, Lasetter’s pause, Billy Bob’s posture upon reproach sets a powerful moment and still Paul is not ready to scream to the nanite masses to lift him up and conquer. Oh, the multi banded bonds of my imagination constrict around me like an anaconda with anticipation. I drool with endorphins after reading your erudite offerings. Especially after incorporating Akira into that lovely image you found of femininity wrapped in fantasy and militancy. You got me. I got no literary mojo for a comeback.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for bringing your wheelbarrow full of Chi to throw onto my diminishing supply bro!! Now I can get on to the next scene where it’s slowly dawn on Paul that he can, in fact, control minds. A bit slow, but it’s a powerful realization. Let’s go beyond the “drink rum and coke” phase! Mooohahahahhahahahha!

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      1. I think this evolution of Paul through his unique experience with his tribe of outlaw persona’s via Billy Bob, Lasseter, and Akira has been nothing short of genius story telling. You have a novel of the times that will resonate with a wide variety of people. Go for it bro! Go for the gusto.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Consistent with my diminishing Chi, a new post is up, short and sweet. Perhaps no less brilliant however. Gonna take me awhile to get through this “segment” until we get back to the action. This will be Paul’s “awakening.” Thanks for the encouragement bro!

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  2. I was trying to make sense of the apparent lack of continuity in the dialogue from post #3006. Akira says she might have an idea – end of post – then Lasseter opens up with “We need to create a permanent shift in human consciousness.” I thought I’d missed a whole post!
    Intriguing how much debate they have to put in about ditching traditional symbols but I suppose both Lasseter being an alien and Akira being non human can be “forgiven” for not realizing the dead ends they are looking at. Paul is finally realizing that the only thing he’s got is his new power. Intriguing also what “idea” Akira might have had and might still have. A new symbol representing the truth? OK, this I gotta see! 😇

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    1. There is going to be discontinuity…I often hop, skip and jump ahead…but I’m glad you still following the bouncing ball. I was just working on the next chapter…Yeah, these scenes are Paul’s “awakening” and I’m glad you noticed. Thanks!

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  3. Lassetter’s remarks about symbols carrying too many many memories, too much history and too much meaning would certainly resonate with the ‘woke’ crowd of zombies tearing down statues and monuments today.

    It would certainly resonate with Mao as he launched his Cultural Revolution in China.

    That photo of Akira as a warrior angel certainly packs a wallop.

    Liked by 1 person

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