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Ushering in the future.

Billy-Bob slept while Lasseter motioned to Akira and Paul to join him at the table, waving his hands silently. The sun was setting and the light coming in from the window became dimmer as the seconds passed. To conceal themselves from the drones, Billy-Bob disconnected the lights. The shadows grew long.

Akira lit a candle and pulled up the chairs. Paul, never without his coffee, sipped patiently while Lasseter drank from his flask. Akira sat motionless with hands folded.

“Our first séance,” Paul whispered.

“I’m not going to ask us to hold hands,” Lasseter came back.

“Then what’s this about?”

“It’s about time you knew the truth.”

“What truth?”

“The truth about why this is a lot less about you than it is about her,” Lasseter nodded in Akira’s direction.

“Okay, you have my attention,” Paul replied, urging him on.

Lasseter adjusted his chair, took a long gulp from his flask, sat up with his back straight and began:

“There have already been several different species of humans on earth,” he said, looking directly into Paul’s eyes. “The hominid family was broad and robust, but only Homo Sapiens survived. Do you know why this is?”

“The answer to that question is long and complex.”

“No, the answer is simple.”

“Homo Sapiens were more adaptable, smarter, lived in larger groups and could more easily adapt to climate change than other branches of the Hominid family,” Paul answered.

Akira laughed.

“What’s the real answer?” Lasseter asked, picking up his flask and taking another sip.

“I have a feeling your about to tell me.”

Paul threw Akira a quick glance.

Lasseter nodded. “Homo Sapiens are the most vicious, psychotic creatures ever to exist on planet earth.”

Paul raised an eyebrow.

“Sapiens were only successful as a species because they destroyed and killed everything and anything that got in their way.”

The candle light flickered in the windless room, making the shadows look alive against the dim walls. Lasseter smiled.

“Sapiens continue to kill and destroy, meaning the very same characteristics that made you successful will destroy you and this entire planet.”

Lasseter reached across the table and caressed Akira’s shoulder. She allowed it.

“We’ve failed to adapt,” Paul responded.

“That’s right,” Lasseter threw back his head and laughed. “Homo sapiens are nothing more than monkeys with machine guns and nuclear bombs.”

Billy-Bob stirred in the other room. Lasseter’s voice grew hushed.

“It’s critical for Akira to survive these next few months,” he continued. “She’ll usher in a new species of Sapiens: Homo ex machina. Immortals. The perfect blend of man and machine, leap-frogging centuries of human evolution and preparing the way for Sapiens to conquer the stars.”


–More later.

11 thoughts on “Homo ex machina.

  1. Lassetter is the epitome of trying to fulfill the Transhumanist dream.

    Funny, last night I was watching the 1932 film version of Murders In The Rue Morgue with Bela Lugosi.

    The story was set in the 1840s in Paris.

    Dr. Mirakle was the character played by Bela Lugosi.

    But a speech Dr. Mirakle delivered about evolution at one point in the film- Lassetter’s talk here sounds like a 2020 version of it.

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  2. Now you’re talking! I like where this is going. Not going to be an easy write… so time to leave the playing script and strike out boldly in an entirely new direction. I think that in the beginning that’s where the story was meant to go, so tracking…

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  3. I can only imagine what a new and improved species would do, since everything we “fix” tends to make things worse. But, after a couple of generations it will feel perfectly normal, like now

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  4. Excellent. I loved the movie ex-machina. Akira remains an enigma and more so with Lasseter patting her shoulder and saying, she allowed it. In the context of the conversation, that was significant. This really deepens my desire to know more and to follow along for the bigger reveal and to also revel in the fight to stay alive. Bass has significant resources and eventually, they will figure it all out and go after them in a more secretive way ala Bonnie and Clyde. The dialog is always the perfect advancement as the characters lift their skirts slowly to reveal what really lies beneath their plan. This is just top notch Jason Bourne meets Species.

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