Weapons training for Akira

“You’re infighting skills are second to none. I’ve never seen anything, or anyone, quite like you,” Billy-Bob smiled, handing her the weapon. “What are you anyway?”

“Not human.”

“I figured that.”

“Neither am I,” Lasseter chimed.

“I figured that, too. But how is Akira’s infighting talent going to help if we need some spooky action at a distance?”

Paul and Lasseter perked up, as if Billy-Bob had said something important.

“Like shooting at SUVs? Fingers into daggers ‘not goin’ to do us much good when the enemy’s down the road.”

Paul and Lasseter’s shoulders slumped.

“He’s talking about shooting,” Paul groaned.

“Of course, I’m talking about shooting. What else?”” Billy-Bob turned his head toward Lasseter, “Unless you have some sort of ray gun, she’s gonna need this,” Billy-Bob released his grip from the AK47, handing it to Akira.

“All of us need to learn how the weapons in the back of this truck work.”

“I don’t need you to show me,” Akira replied, hoisting the sights to eye level.

“I’d feel better if we went through this, as a group, at least once,” Billy-Bob countered, waiving at Paul and Lasseter to move in closer.

Both ambled in his direction.

“Now, pay attention,” Billy-Bob continued as the circle grew tighter. He took the weapon from Akira’s grip and held it high the air.

“First rule: Never touch or put your finger on the trigger unless and until you are ready, willing and able to take someone out. This is not a toy. Understand?” His voice reverberated throughout the room

Everyone nodded, eyes wide. Akira waited patiently for him to finish.

“When you decide it is time to shoot, this is your safety selector switch. Flick it once for semi, twice for fully automatic.”

He demonstrated: “Once, twice.” He held the weapon high, flicking the switch so all could see. The sounds of sharp metallic clicks echoed off the walls. “It’s simple. Understand?”

Everyone nodded.

“When you empty your mag, your release is right here,” He slapped the weapon hard. “Out with the old, in with the new.”

The group watched silently.

Billy-Bob jammed home a new magazine. Tuck it. Slap it. Make sure it’s good and tight. You don’t want to be losing ammo in a firefight. Slap the bolt home and you’re ready. That’s all there is to it. Got it?”

Heads nodded.

“Other than that, you keep this weapon in the back of the truck or pointed at the floor at all fucking times. If you pick it up, point it, or put your finger on the trigger, it’s shoot or get shot. Understand?”

Akira nodded, stepping closer. “I prefer infighting.”

–More later.


46 thoughts on “Never bring a knife to a gunfight.

  1. Excellent job of laying down that operator speak on weapons handling. I Damn near had flashbacks. I especially like Akira’s confidence as Billy Bob lays out the basics. That finger control is the most important part. I can’t tell you how many times I had to duck and cover when some over zealous finger got out of control on a weapon. Accidental discharge was probably a bigger threat to my future than all the baddies beating the bushes trying to perforate my tight little bootie on purpose and with Evil intent. This part really pulls me in and I liked the little touch of the selector switch click. Oh, how that rang like beautiful music in my ears. I’d swear you were Tom Clancy if it wasn’t rumored that he kicked the bucket already.

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    1. I thought this short yet important segment might resonate with you…you actually held the gun in your hands and don’t have to make this shit up! LOL! I read somewhere that death by “friendly fire” was more common than we realize, and the statistics are not revealed. You’re confirming that rumor! The only “accidental discharge” I’ve had to worry about has been with young girlfriends…OMG! Ok, I’m gonna focus the next few segments on actually identifying a plot…if I can…I got a lot of action scenes, let’s see if I can give them a greater purpose…no matter how “far out…” Tally ho!!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’d swear by your accuracy in your action scenes and your capturing of the mindset of the characters that you were right there in the thick of things and write from personal experience. That is a skill that is indeed rare. I’ve sent a few things that included combat scenes written from actual missions and experiences and had my editor tell me to cut it because it was unbelievable and no one would do those things. I corresponded back that I could see where real life is less entertaining and suspends belief than more sculpted fictional scenes. She was right. Telling truth to a disbeliever is a waste of the writer and the reader’s time. We do it anyway. You don’t have that problem. Your details add the necessary touch of realism for the scene and makes it all the more captivating. Accidental discharges are a thing we should try to avoid simply because, it always leaves a mess and an angry victim.

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      2. LOL! Accidental discharges are always messy. Now, getting past that imagery, I’d love to read your real life action scenes that editors dismissed as unrealistic!! It’d be amazing. And, btw, I feel a bit handicapped writing about weapons since I’ve never touched a gun in my life…glad you didn’t notice! LOL! I am, I believe, getting into the mindset of my characters! Thanks for the pump!

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      3. You do an excellent job. Sometimes I have to go look at the DARPA HR database to make sure you weren’t employed by them. It would have been a shame to be coworkers and not know it.

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      4. Warning: working/meditating on my next post which will take me back into Heinlein territory. I don’t know “who I think I am” but one thing I’ve learned so far: there is no such thing as too far…

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      5. Make some silver back gorilla grunts during meditation. It spikes the testosterone and makes you want to go procreate but first there is some fighting to take care of.

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  2. It’s a strange, strange world, we live in, Master Jack… what is it with guns and Americans, anyway? If everybody has to walk around, or drive around always ready to shoot the next person who looks at you the wrong way, what does that say about a society? So, hey, c’mon Paul, show them you don’t need guns any longer. Just nanites in the night and in the daytime the bullets keep turning into butterflies!

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      1. Ya know, that’s a good idea…maybe I’ll write that in on the 2nd go around…or better yet, write it here in your comment and I’ll put it in. I can see it, she shoots the gun hitting it so accurately it explodes far off into the distance…good suggestion!!!


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