DHS van explodes
Game on.

The sounds of gunshots and sirens sent people running from their cars, scattering into the streets. People ran in every direction.

Paul instinctively grabbed Akira as if she needed protection. “Less than insects,” she laughed, watching people run for safety. “And, please,” she groaned, wiggling free from Paul’s arms.

Billy-Bob stomped on the accelerator, but every time he thought he had a clear path there was a stalled vehicle in front of him and he was forced to change course. The black SUV behind them was closing in, guns blaring.

“Run the intersection,” Paul yelled.

Up ahead, Paul could see the intersection of Main and Martin Luther King Boulevard. It was a four way stop: one of the major arteries through town. It was packed with what looked to be rush-hour traffic.

“Are you out of your mind?” Billy-Bob screamed back.

“We’ll be fine. Keep going!”

Billy-Bob pressed on the pedal harder.

“I got this,” Paul repeated.

“We won’t make it!”

Paul closed his eyes, rubbed his temples. “Timing is everything!”

Bullets ripped through the truck as the DHS vehicle closed in and continued firing.

They were less than two blocks away from the intersection, moving down the middle of the lane, the Ford sending stalled vehicles crashing and spinning to the curb, when Paul sat up as high as he could, raising his hands towards the front.

Bullets whizzed past their heads.

“Now!” Paul screamed.

Billy-Bob stomped on the accelerator, and felt the engine of the F250 roar to life.

“They’re not slowing down!” In the rear-view mirror, Billy-Bob could see the SUV in hot pursuit and the flashes of the AK47s firing.

“Go, Go,” Paul yelled.

Paul didn’t need to look back to see that the agents kept firing. He could hear the sirens right behind him and see the reflection of red strobes bouncing off the interior of the truck.

“Faster, faster, faster!” Paul shouted, pushing Akira and Lasseter’s heads down into their seats.

Billy-Bob slammed on his brakes and skidded into the intersection, pulling hard to the right to avoid a collision. He sideswiped three cars sending them rolling into the sidewalk. But no other cars were in his way. Oncoming traffic in both directions parted like the Red Seas. Billy-Bob straightened out his wheels and blew through the intersection.

“They’re still right behind us!”

“Not for long!”

As the black SUV pursued the Ford through the intersection, it got T-boned by a semi traveling in the North bound lane at high speed. The SUV split in half and exploded into a fireball that could be seen for miles.

Akira and Lasseter cautiously raised their heads and peeked out the shattered glass of the rear window.

“We’re cop killers now,” Akira spoke slowly, turning towards Paul. “And that’s a game changer.”

More later.


20 thoughts on “The game changer.

  1. Love the action, suspense, hair raising bullet trajectories in heavy traffic. Quentin Tarantino eat your heart out, George has arrived. That was so like Akira to miss the intent of male caring and protectionism. It’s really going to be sad to learn that Akira is a die hard feminist. But, she operates on a different algorithm so I musn’t judge. She is pretty cool under pressure and love her quips in the thick of things. Billy Bob is all balls and of course Lasseter knows when to keep his head down and when to hit the bourbon. Can’t wait to find out what Paul put out on the airwaves. Hammering down bro.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! Thanks Bro! Staying in character with Akira as she brushes off Paul’s protective instincts! Billy-Bob just had to keep his head down and trust that Paul could deliver! Always appreciate your inspiration! LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks. I’m throwing in the towel on my undefinable goal of “being original” and admitting everything is, in fact, cliché. But if my story is fun, meaningful, and well-written in the end…then there’s hope for me yet! I’ll keep pecking away…Appreciate the comment!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Being original…you have to go against everything & even THAT is not enough nowadays.
        So I think the best is to stick to fun/well-written & meaningful- that’s the way to get into human hearts 😉

        You are on the right road & doing great! Continue…

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes, that’s the part we’d missed. Hint: change “guns blaring” to “guns blasting” -c’mon, stick to the cliche! Horns blare, guns blast: I think Hollywood has that locked down! So, Paul’s learning how to conform to his role of Grand Wizard. Technically though, even if it’s dangerous to countermand Akika, they’re not cop killers – the cops were idiots and did what idiot cops usually do trying to be heroes without a cause: got themselves killed when all they had to do was call out the direction of the fleeing truck and have it met somewhere down the street… or is it me who’s been watching too many cop shows??? 🤪OK, now I’m ready to move on… so come on, where’s the rest, huh?

    Liked by 1 person

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