Paul and Akira
Their time in the cave grows shorter.

A mouse scurried over Akira’s foot. She bent swiftly, grabbed the creature by the tail and held it aloft, her mouth open.

“There’s no need for that,” Paul stood, frozen.

Lowering the wriggling rodent, its gray fur electrified with fear, she viciously bit the creature in half, blood dribbling down her lips in thick coagulating droplets, and she spit the headless half of the body with the tail wriggling onto Billy-Bob’s chest.

The rest, she swallowed.

Billy-Bob caught the falling half carcass with both hands and hastily threw it as far as he could.

The vision of Akira eating the mouse seared itself into Paul’s consciousness and so shocked him that he temporarily lost control of his faculties. Somewhere in China, a nanite-infested mind received the same vision. Paul felt the mental bond, and he knew the nanites were spreading fast.

He grabbed his head and squeezed. “No, no…this is not the message I want to send…”

In a moment of unexpected precognition, as if time showed its hand, Paul followed the path of the ingested mouse to a viral pandemic that would wipe out half the earth’s population.

“Eating Mice. A great solution to climate change,” he mumbled to himself, while firmly grasping his temples and trying to clear his head.

“You cannot fight cancer with love.” Akira’s spoke softly, her voice echoing throughout the cave while her heel ground what remained of the mouse into the rocks and pebbles.

Billy-Bob stood and helped Lasseter to his feet. The three men huddled together, mute. The shadows in the cave grew long as moonlight played tricks with their eyes.

“You need a stronger cancer to fight cancer,” Akira continued, her voice confident, as if she knew the answer to all things.

The circle of three men grew tighter, their voices tiny whispers.

“Self-evolving means she’s writing her own code,” Lasseter volunteered. “I don’t know where she’s going.” The white skin of his hands fluttered in the darkness.

“There’s no reason to be afraid…as long as she needs us.”

Akira whispered intensely: “You’ve had your Gandhi, your Martin Luther King, your Jesus. Love doesn’t work.”

She approached the men cautiously, extending her arms to embrace both Lasseter and Billy-Bob, pulling them closer while staring directly at Paul.

“You’ve had your message of Love, you’ve had your Beatles, yet your cancer grows worse.”

Lasseter felt it safer to return her embrace than to ignore it. He nodded his at Billy-Bob, who acknowledged the sign and quickly shared the group hug.

“Uh, who has cancer,” Billy-Bob asked dimly.

“Your whole planet,” Akira responded. “You elected James Bass, a president who is a cancerous psychopath, and he’s coming to get us. He’s sending his assassins. I can feel it.”

“How do we fight?” Billy-Bob pulled up his jeans and tightened his belt, as if preparing to run.

“You fight evil with a bigger evil. Me.”

The four froze for a moment, then raised their faces toward the moon and howled like wolves.

–More to come.

44 thoughts on “Paul and Akira grow stronger, together.

  1. The nanite epidemic has such electrifying power, giving me goosebumps all over … Really it’s spreading faster than the coronavirus in China. I knew you’ve always had a love/hate feeling toward Akira, but I didn’t expect your sensations reaching such a point of no return this fast, that right from the start of this new chapter we have to deal with all the intense busyness with rodent-like body parts wriggling and such! Honestly it’s too strong a development and growth for slow learner like me to accommodate. Although it doesn’t inhibit me from appreciating all the deft exercises of your faculties, and admiring the master-scale caliber you exhibit. On top of that, the promise of more to come infuses one with jones …

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    1. Dot, my perfect kitten…you a slow learner? I think not. You’re new to the story and instantly, as through osmosis, you understand the nanites are spreading almost as fast as the Corona virus, and Paul does, in fact, have a love/hate relationship with each other. He loves her…she hates him. Or, to be more precise, in her completely digital way, she is indifferent to him…and for Paul, that’s worse than hate…because even hate is an emotion that would satisfy the poor man. Ah, Dot, you cuddly cat…the fact that you are infused with a jones for the next installment tickles my whiskers. Thanks for popping in!


  2. The symbolism is powerful! The rodent is a predator and Akira is demonstrating what one does with predators, i.e., “man.” I concur with her statement that you cannot fight evil with love, and although she does not explain, or cannot do so yet, the reason is simple: love is just another predatory concept. Where has love ever led mankind? To forced conversions, exploitation, enslavement – particularly of women and children – and ultimately to war, war and more war. Love is a “make me feel good; make me feel fulfilled; make me feel like the master that I am” concept. It is reciprocal, hence predatory. This for that. No “this” then no “that.” Love is a cancer because it is needy. It does not give unless it expects to get, and that with serious interest. So Akira, being the product of worlds in collision and conflict; of worlds ruled by competitive violence, knows only to offer a greater evil to fight the kind represented by Bass. Nothing’s been learned for that “solution” only leads to escalation and MADness (mutually assured destruction) but it is the perpetually chosen way.

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    1. Sha’ your interpretations of this budding story actually helps form the story as it goes forward…in that sense we have a mutually beneficial symbiotic relationship. Now, Empathy and Love are so intertwined I feared you would find the idea that one “cannot fight evil with Love” somewhat objectionable…but your interpretation of Love in this Capitalistic world is spot-on…it’s just another transactional relationship that favors men once again. Reciprocal, hence predatory. I’ll keep that thought on the forefront as I continue…thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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    1. Personally I think and have observed that we are all ‘evildoers’ Dracul. Seems like a contradiction but it is those who come across as good people who would be the first to say they are not good people. Akira, IMO is correct.

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      1. Oh, we’re all evidoers for sure.

        I don’t disagree with Akira on that.

        How much of an evildoer I am can be seen by my reply to George about Raymond Red Reddington above there.

        It’s just evildoers who have no redeeming characteristics whatsoever who should be done away.

        I wouldn’t eat a rat just for the sake of eating a rat like Akira did.

        That rat would have had to do something to really piss me off first.


  3. That poor mouse 😦 Still haven’t managed to catch up yet, but I’ll enjoy these updates as I do. Last time I saw Akira, she was pregnant with Paul’s child! And Billy-Bob had only just been enlightened – not yet a major player in the story.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m flattered but those so need to be edited…save your sanity and don’t look back! I was going to say “I haven’t made much progress since you’ve been gone” but I was too embarrassed. The story is moving ever so painfully slowly but some loyal readers are sticking with it…which is very encouraging.

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  4. Bro, once again, you teach me the art. This went from manic mouse maceration to philosophy to prediction and the boys are starting to sweat. Loved the momentary message to eat mice going out to China and the wit of solving climate change with the impending pandemic. Brilliant stuff and the suspenseful tone just nailed it. You are still Da Man!

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    1. Bro, I live for your comments, analysis and, yes, flattery, but I’m still riding in your wake! One thing I established: Paul’s ability to communicate with other minds will be triggers by SHOCK! He can’t control it yet, so something’s gotta set it off! Had to make it current with the Coronavirus reference too! Thanks for sticking your most profound head into my attempts to write!!

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    1. This is how manipulation works: Gaslighting: In a 1981 article, psychoanalysts Victor Calef and Edward Weinshel argued that gaslighting involves the projection and introjection (the “transfer”) of psychic contents from the victimizer to the victim.[12] The psychic contents include affects, perceptions, impulses, resistances, fantasies, delusions, conflicts.


    2. The number of hits on that deleted blog post were suspiciously high and rang my paranoia bells…Hype and I are wondering if I triggered some AI scans due to my choice of words…


      1. I wanted to re-read the masterpiece of Bass and found it disappear. The story of Akira and Paul has become a portal to knowledge and wisdom for me, not to mention entertainment. I can’t handle long and burdensome readings, so the George style bouncing balls are perfect for me. And the comments by Sha’Tara are full of piercing insight and passionate advocacy, from which I’ve got a lot to learn and absorb – thank you, Sha.

        Before this, my only “education” about politic stuff is watching ‘House of Cards’, and only because I enjoy Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.

        Come to think of it, their characters are prime examples of narcissists, who are lifelong inflictors of narcissistic abuse. They have brought the game to dumbfounding levels. Narcissists are perfect partners in crime because they understand each other well, but like the Chinese saying “There can’t be two tigers in one mountain” – they are doomed to become each other’s predator.

        The only way to survive narcissistic abuse, it seems to me, is to view the narcissists as victims themselves. To start with, they are victims to their genetic hardwiring, and as they grow up, their manipulation on others further compounds their own tendencies, so in a way they themselves become the victims of their own doing. It’s like a habitual liar, at first they lie just to gain some minor convenience, but one thing leads to another, they find themselves have to keep on lying, the snowball effect goes far and beyond, eventually they become the victims buried alive under their self-inflicted avalanches.

        But narcissists are interesting and charming. And many of them are women even – women can be predators too, not always the victimized. If we don’t see ourselves as victims, but assume a ‘watcher’ angle, all characters in the zoo are lovely and lovable.

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      2. As for how truly wise I am, I was kind of hoping my writing itself would be enough to ‘shine through,’ and help someone as wise as you refrain from assuming my age based on my drawing. My child-like drawings are my ‘love songs’ to my cat friend Chubby. While my writing is the real state of my mind, so I am as wise as my writing is telling you …

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      3. That political post was too hot and got pulled. That’s okay, my friends read it and you are here. There will be more. Yes, Sha’ and I have a wonderful interaction and I’ve learned a lot from her. Your comments re: Narcissists convey to me you are wise beyond your years…”there can’t be two tigers on one mountain…” Perfect! In this case, Akira is the Narcissistic one because he lacks human emotion…and is devoid of humor. Watch for more political posts soon…

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