Akira is not fictional.

“You quoting Shakespeare, old man?”

Billy-Bob took his eyes off Akira for the briefest of moments as he focused on Lasseter. “You’re not the only on who’s read a book.”

There was a slight pause. The moon outside the cave was growing in intensity as the sky grew darker. The shadows grew longer, and the heat was rising. Breathing was getting difficult. Billy-Bob wondered if it was lack of sleep or lack of oxygen that was affecting his judgement

No one else seemed to notice.

“Shakespeare was one of us,” Lasseter grinned.

“You’re trippin’ old man.” Billy-Bob leaned back against the cave wall, his eyes flickering rapidly between Akira and Lasseter, “You’re talking nonsense. You’re all talking nonsense.”

“Nonsense?” Lasseter rolled down his sleeping bag and rose to a kneeling position, extending his palms upward. The moonlight made his palms glow with a faint gray light. “Then why do you feel, deep within you,” Lasseter pointed directly at Billy-Bob’s heart. “That there might be a grain of truth to my words?”

“Because I’m overtired and delirious.”

“Is that so?”

“Overtired and delirious,” Akira cackled, “You just described the entire human race,” Akira’s voice, mixed with venom and laughter, pierced the night. Paul remained silent and dared not interrupt.

“Delirium is mankind’s normal state of mind. And like I said, you pass it from one generation to the next…making you less than insects!”

Billy-Bob glanced toward Paul. “I can’t control her,” he shrugged casually.

“Is she dangerous?”

“Not to you.”

“What is she??” Billy-Bob stared hard, demanding an answer.

“I wish I knew,” Paul looked towards Lasseter.

“I’ll tell you what she’s not first,” Lasseter’s voice croaked.

“That’s a good place to start.”

“She’s not a piece of fiction: she’s not a machine that evolved into self-awareness, like The Terminator.

“Then what is she.” Billy-Bob wouldn’t let up.

“Even to me, she’s quite unexpected.”

“This a guessing game now?” Billy-Bob and Paul exchanged glances, both growing anxious.

“She did evolve, yes,” Lasseter continued, “but did she become self-aware, like in the movies? That’s hard to say, even in the broadest sense. Because what is self-awareness? Are you and Paul, in this cave, right now, are you self-aware in this moment? Have you ever truly been self-aware?”

“Stop the bullshit. If you want my help, tell me what I’ve gotten involved with. Otherwise I’ll load up my weapons and head back to North Carolina.”

“I won’t let you do that,” Paul said firmly.

Lasseter took a deep, exasperated breath. “As best as can be explained, involving theories that are far beyond the comprehension of your most brilliant scientists, theories like quantum-entanglement, matter-antimatter asymmetry, primordial plasma…”

“These people are insects and will never understand the Universe….”

Lasseter looked at her straight in the eyes. Pitch black Orbs stayed back, becoming one with the darkness.

“…As far as I can tell, Akira has not evolved into self-awareness, she’s become a portal to another consciousness. A very different consciousness. One that goes beyond even my own.”

–More later.

23 thoughts on “She’s not like The Terminator…

  1. Oh em geeeeee! Bro, shiver me timbers as Popeye the sailor man would say when Olive Oil mounted him in reverse cowgirl position and rode him into the sunset. The interaction between Paul and Billy Bob is real Bro stuff. I’m beginning to enjoy Akira’s cackle so well timed with the scene. It’s all going well then, I learn that Akira is not self aware but a portal to a consciousness beyond even Lasetter. This sent chills down my spin it was so good then the thought occurred that this was alluding to you, George the Supreme Being, the one who gives the team life and then controls where they go and what they do. Akira is the portal by which your genius emerges. This may not be your intention but my over stimulated mind just ran with it. This is a hard act to follow, but Thursday this week, my effort to maintain apace to your epic will be loosed upon society.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. All consciousness leads to the singularity. We gotta find out how high up (or how much lower) Akira’s consciousness goes. How deep is the rabbit hole of the Universe my friend? Bring it on!

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  2. Fascinating, eh Watson? Akira develops her personality but only as a front, a symbol for something far beyond the current ability of the cave dwellers to comprehend, including Lasseter. I find it also interesting that Paul can categorically say to Billy Bob… I won’t let you do that. Paul’s self awareness is definitely changing and he seems to be awakening to a new kind of silent but immutable power. I suspect the power link here is coming from Akira’s child. Akira seems to be destined to turn into a mindless shell, a puppet to be manipulated by whatever alien force is using her as a portal from its home world (or cosmic prison?) to take over the Earth as its own domain. Speculating, of course. This sort of science fiction drama lends itself perfectly to wide open speculation. I’m in love with the twists and turns; with the unexpected. Masterful writing, IMO.


    1. Perceptive, perceptive, perceptive!!! That “throw away line” from Paul, “I won’t let you do that,” was just a one-liner but it was critical to his character development…he IS awakening to his new power…and you noticed that line!! Whoooooo!!! I thought everyone missed it!! This is going to segue right back to the nanites as Paul’s mind begins to control a whole lot of other minds… Good Catch, Sha!


    2. “The Portal” thing was just me trying to break away from the cliché machine becoming “self aware.” I may or may not keep it. But it does open an interesting discussion based upon your interpretation: If Akira is just a mindless shell…aren’t we all?


      1. I know from personal experience that we can control our destiny – we have that kind of built-in redundancy factor against Matrix brainwash. The choice is always ours. The only reason it appears we have no choice comes from false observation. We assume there is no choice because most people are too mentally lazy or too far gone in trusting their belief systems to attempt taking control of their personal life.

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      2. Your presence here is shaping the story. I may write a scene where Lasseter dons the Annunaki garb and performs a ritual…your insights are pushing pushing pushing me and Paul to new levels of awareness…and, I gotta get these people outta this damn cave and get on with whatever the plot is!! LOL! The characters are developed in my mind, gotta proceed with some action…this has been a great touchy-feely moment, but the evil ones are coming…

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  3. Good one… dealing with a very important questions too, almost like a ‘therapy’ 🙂
    have we ever been 100% self aware of our present? ..because if not – maybe this is what make us unhappy 🙂
    many religious movements says: self-awareness is a pathway to happiness 🙂


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