The Fourth Horseman (of the Apocalypse)
It really is a fight for our souls. An unapologetically rough draft as I transcribe from my legal pad.

“Paul, continue, please.” Lasseter wiggled his fingers forward, as if appealing for him to approach, but trying the coax the words from his mouth.

“We must embrace the paradox.”

Akira stared at Paul with a loving smile on her face. She had mastered the nuances of body language but the words she chose sliced him to the core.

“Are you Ghandi now? Nostradamus?”

Paul’s head tilted quizzically, his lips falling into a frown, his face flushing. He slowly rose from his sleeping bag, kicking it into a ball behind him.

“You were Jesus last month.” Akira continued. “You Moses now? Edgar Cayce? What about Charles Manson? Have you tried Charles Manson?”

She laughed hysterically, her voice echoing down the cavern walls. She enjoyed humiliating him in front of his friends. It was the only way she knew to obtain power without resorting to violence.

“I’m sure he see’s something,” Lasseter interrupted. “Perhaps if we calm down, take turns talking, we can find out. Right?”

Akira stared at him, soulless eyes as black as pitch. Billy-Bob fell back slightly against the stone cave, his own confidence evaporating in the presence of her growing evil.

“What I see is ineffable. There are no words. Even the cleverest Shakespearean metaphors don’t begin to describe the reality crystallizing in my consciousness.”

“Okay. You’re Shakespeare now.” Akira threw her head back and howled like a hound from hell.

Billy-Bob chuckled.

“Try to explain.” Lasseter coaxed, ignoring the two. “I’m here.” He extended his arms, as if to offer a hug.

“Is this really the mother of your child?” Billy-Bob face had a look of disgust.

“We must embrace the paradox,” Paul continued, inching slowly towards Lasseter as he reached out to pluck the flask he knew would be perched safely in his pocket.

“Spiritual metaphors are the only metaphors that makes sense. We waste most of our lives, lost in confusion and despair. We are caught in a battle of light and dark, demons and angels, in one long, repetitive cycle that continues without end. Yet without a God, this cannot be.”

There was a stunned silence in the cave.

“Could you bring this conversation closer to home?” Billy-Bob asked, his voice husky. “We got immediate issues to deal with. I’m locked, loaded and ready for action, don’t forget.” His head nodded towards his truck, filled with some of the military’s most advance weapons—at least the weapons he had time to steal.

“Lasseter is my God, in a sense,” Akira said breathily, “and in time, I will destroy him too.” She brushed thoughtfully at her long black hair, tossing it over her shoulder causally as she glanced at Lasseter. Then she smiled warmly, her entire body contradicting her death threat.

Lasseter shuttered. “You’re really coming along.”

“Look,” Paul stood, brushing himself off, “I know we have immediate issues. Everyone has immediate issues. Everyone has bills to pay. Mortgages to keep up with. Children to put through school. Everyone’s distracted. The system is set up that way. It’s set up that way so nothing changes. Nothing gets resolved for the long-term. We keep repeating the same mistakes over and over and over…”

“What is it you’re trying to say?” Akira interrupted harshly.

“…did I say over and over enough times?” Paul glared, challenging her.

Billy-Bob watched as Akira backed off. “Okay,” he thought, “there remains some residual of respect.”

Lasseter laughed, for the first time in a long time.

“I need to borrow some new language from the transgender community to explain this issue,” Paul extended his palms toward the group, looking, suddenly, ever so saintly.

“This’ll be good,” Billy-Bob thought.

“The problem with humanity,” Paul continued, his voice calm, “And why the Feds are trying to destroy us…” he glanced at Billy-Bob, reassuring him that this conversation would soon be ‘brought home.’ “Is that the earth’s population is brainwashed from birth. The entire planet is suffering from a transreligious experience. And this suffering just gets past along from generation to generation. This is the spiritual war I referred to earlier. I can’t escape the spiritual metaphors”

Paul took a deep breath, tears running from his eyes.

Billy-Bob slapped his knee, hard. Lasseter jumped, startled.

Paul raised his head, looking at him calmly.

“If we survive this, and I can do anything for humanity with my nanites, and with you, Billy-Bob…and with Lasseter…and with Akira and the baby,” he nodded his head solemnly in her direction, “is to return humanity to its original state, a state which I’ll call cisreligious. That’s the only way humanity can spread it’s consciousness throughout the stars.”

Lasseter nodded his head in agreement, smiling.

“And what exactly does it mean to be cisreligious,” Billy-Bob asked, growing impatient.

“It’s identical to your cisgender.” Paul responded gently.

“And what’s that?”

“Cisgender is the gender you were born with. You have a dick with balls, your cisgender is male. If you want to change your gender, you become a transgender.”

“And what exactly, is cisreligious?”

“Cisreligious is the religion you were born with of course.”

Billy-Bob scowled, grumbled. “What religious was I born with?”



–More later.

24 thoughts on “Paul see’s, talks.

  1. Oh yes! We have L. Ron Hubbard and Robert Heinlein mastery coming through loud and clear. I gave up a hearty cackle at Lasseter telling Akira she was coming along nicely. I like how her body language and remarks were at opposite ends. The interaction between characters was again captivating, pulling me into the scene. The pace was perfect with the intensity of Paul’s reveal to the group and their reactions. Another great chapter Bro. I feel a kind of tension mounting. Something is coming, and I have to flip that page. Screw getting to work on time or letting dinner get cold. This is where I must be.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Okay, you have a keen eye. I’ve changed my mindset a bit and the last two posts have been somewhat of an experiment. I’m seeing the interaction of the characters as THE story. So, although it might seem that it takes longer to get “to the point,” it actually doesn’t….because the character interaction IS the point! On Akira’s behavior: she’s deliberately causing cognitive dissonance–confusion–by saying things that conflict with her body language. Which is one to believe? Her flirtatious behavior, or the fact that she just told you she wants to kill you? She’s evil! Mooohahahahahahahaa!
      “Screw getting to work on time…have to flip that page….?” You really know how to flatter a wannabe be writer! Thanks for popping in!

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      1. I do believe your focus on the characters has drawn me into the people and their plight even more. Knowing the characters so well makes the drama and mystery of their evolving circumstances more captivating. I’ve bonded with them and now am interested in their fate. Edge of seat stuff here for me to enjoy. Keep at it, Bro. This is truly good stuff IMO. We both are benefitting from this literary exchange of ideas. Like gas on the fire, we be flame on. 😎😎

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      2. Love this chapter, George.

        Reading it reminds me of the days I was Director of Research for the Alberta Cult Awareness Network- the only job I ever had that I truly loved.

        But it only lasted a year because it was an agency that relied totally on Alberta Provincial Government funding and the next year was the year the government decided to do major cutbacks all across the board.

        Your insight into cognitive dissonance was exactly the way cult leaders primarily worked I discovered in my research.

        Which is why I can’t stand Pope Francis.

        The way he acts is exactly the way leaders of mind control cults work- do words and contradictory actions that produce cognitive dissonance in his followers.

        He’s a master of producing cognitive dissonance and the thing is most people don’t recognize it because they are unaware of how truly manipulative mind control cults such as the Jonestown People’s Temple Cult and Sun Myung Moon’s Unification Church work.

        Akira seems to have a personality that goes way beyond AI.

        She’s demonic.

        There’s a discussion in some theological and philosophical circles today (among those who still believe in the existence of the Supernatural) which is, is it possible for machines and especially AI to become demonically possessed.

        Akira acts like it.

        Demons love to mock.

        But as C.S. Lewis noted, they can’t stand being mocked themselves.

        They can dish it out but they can’t take it.

        It’s when Paul mocks her that she suddenly backs off.

        Though interestingly enough, Paul’s concept of cisgender and transgender, cisreligious and presumably transreligious is what Pope Francis is currently trying to thrust on the world.

        Hegel and Marx had the concept- thesis + antithesis = synthesis

        Pope Francis is the synthesis of Akira (demonic entity) thesis and Paul (transreligious super idealistic thinker type) antithesis

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      3. Wow, great analysis Dracul, I’m glad you dropped in. And, I’m glad you verified that I am accurately describing the deliberate ploy of Akira to lower-self esteem, cause confusion and self-doubt (Cult like, as you mentioned) by contradicting herself and causing cognitive dissonance. My one concern was that reader’s wouldn’t get it. (The body language not matching with the words) and would be confused themselves! Akira is demonic! And you’re right…she can dish it out but she can’t take it! You are highly educated in this subject matter. Thanks! I’ll continue on with the character development!

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      4. Your insights are stellar! And, your comments are helping me stick to…and further develop…the characters as I go further! These people exist…they are out there…and yes, they are demonically possessed! It’s amazing to see!!

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  2. The first time I encountered a couple of demonically possessed people was when I was Director of Research for the Alberta Cult Awareness Network.

    I had sort of believed in the existence of demons by faith having been raised an Anglo-Catholic Anglican.

    But I hadn’t encountered any empirical evidence until then.

    I’ve since encountered a few demonically possessed individuals after that.


    1. If I may “butt in” here, this is great validation for me, Dracul. I am well aware of the movement of evil among Earthians and other aspects of this world. Some is relatively benign but some is extremely deadly. What is planned war if not a form of massive delusion caused by demon possession? I’m glad you explained Akira’s movements and words because I had yet to catch that. It is difficult to equate demon possession with a prospective mother… then I am reminded of Morgana in the Merlin and King Arthur legends. There are probably many other examples. One has to feel very sorry for the child… and for those who come under sway of that child’s power subsequently.

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  3. I have to wait and see the development on this one – especially that cisreligious reference. As far as I know, no one is born with any religion, that being an added form of Matrix control forced upon people usually at a very early age to train them to accept other forms of bondage. Those who overthrow the shackles of their parents’ religion just fall into a different kind of belief system but it’s still a form of religion because all adherence to systems requires faith, faith in politics, faith in one’s nation, faith in the military but above all faith in money.

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    1. The baby will not be born “Tabula Rasa” (see earlier post) and will be born with Akira’s accumulated knowledge…so it won’t have to waste over half it’s life being “programmed” by nonsensical myths like religion. This is the only way to break the repetitive cycle of human history! ( Not saying it won’t be a spiritual being, because religion and spirituality are two different things. What animates my body is not religion but spirit.) This mind will be the only way to carry man’s consciousness to the stars! Maybe I’ll jump ahead and blog about this soon…


      1. A new power addition to the group – Akira’s baby. I’m sure that will prove interesting. Can’t wait to see how Paul and Akira will interact over their child. I wonder if the child will be immune to their natural instincts to guide and program that evolving consciousness parent style. I am thinking Paul will want to make the child aware of spiritual values; Akira will want to train the child in power, in self defense, in control – like the sorceress Morgana to her son Mordred or so I imagine… not trying to guide the events of the story, just thinking out loud.

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    2. I’m going to dedicate my next post to Sha’Tara and write about the baby. Stay tuned. You’ll be in the headline. Also, I’m gonna write a few scenes devoid of a “place” ’cause I’m getting tired of them sitting in this cave. Another blogger mentioned that as well, and I kinda agree. “We’ve been in the cave too long…” Yeah, true. So…stay tuned soul sista!!


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